About Us


Alex joined Harrison Kennedy and The Rockin' Hurricanes.  He toured extensively with the band during the late 80's and early 90's and can be heard on their 1989 release "Live in the Eye".  During the 1990's, Alex also performed with Jude Johnson, Sharon Musgrave, Rikki Rumball and the Believers, Eden Hill and The Nighthawks.


Alex is currently working with several bands, including Hamilton's Bucket List Band, Sophisticated Swing Big Band, The Royal Oaks Big Band, The Doug Bowman Quartet, The WavePool Fusion Project, Ralph LeFevre and the Smooth Blend Quartet, Jim Heaslip and 12/4 Swing and the Millgroove Quintet featuring Claire Rodger.


Alex is working with Mauro, Rachel, Frank, and Bruce on a single.